Recruitment Information

Please note

We are carefully reviewing incoming applications and are only considering a limited number for acceptance to our guild. We have reached a near saturation point of membership and classes and further growth will only add unnecessary pressure and competition for spots in our rosters and functions.


We are a mid-sized guild of somewhat relaxed players, in that gray area just outside of casual but not quite power-gamer mentality. In general we are casual in our approach, but we still like to gear up for raids just about each night of the week.

We participate with alliances (such as Leftovers) to attend the end-game 10 & 25-man raids, though this is not our only focus. If you are interested in joining TSG just to raid these instances, this is not the place for you. We do observe a minimum two-week lockout from attending these raids with our alliance partners, and at times this lockout period may be extended. If such an adjustment is necessary, applicants will be informed of it prior to acceptance within TSG.

New members are accepted into our ranks on a sponsorship basis or through a general application within our forums. Acceptance via our forums will be determined by our officers’ general opinion of you. You may be asked a few questions in game or brought into one of our raids/groups prior to acceptance. All applicants must also review our code of conduct and agree to the terms held therein.

All new members will be assigned the initial rank, with limited powers and responsibilities within the guild.


The Silver Guard has grown through mergers and general expansion. Through this time, several of our members have reached their end-game ranks and are participating in the end-game raids. Essentially, the majority of our players have reached end-game levels.

Now the last thing on our minds is to exclude those of The Silver Guard with lower ranks or levels, and we will always look for methods of improving the aid given to help them along. But there have been occasions where our good graces have been taken advantage of - and therefore - there are a few key points that we will identify here, so that there is no misunderstanding:

  • 1) Do not ask what your guild can do for you ... ask what you can do for your guild. If your thought of a guild is that they owe you something, then this may not be the right place for you. Ask how you can help others, and you will grow with us. We are looking to maintain a friendly, family environment and we do not want "users" and "takers" within our group.
  • 2) Max level characters are not walking coin dispensers. If you expect handouts of coin or free gear from our higher ranks, this may not be the place for you. We are all here to assist our members along the way, and at times this could be gear or coin - but if it is expected or there is constant begging for handouts, there will be repercussions.
  • 3) The higher ranks are not your personal quest finishers. If you are looking for a guild to power-level you up through the ranks, then we are not the place for you. We all enjoy helping each other get quests completed and reach goals, but if you are constantly asking for a higher level guildmember to run you through an instance that you have no business being in - there will be problems. Those of us who have reached the end game have worked hard to get there, and a solid work ethic is expected in all of our members. Please respect that at all times.