The Honor Code of the Guard

General Behavior

All members are asked to uphold a high standard of conduct, treating all within the game with respect, whether they are guild members or not. All must understand that you honor yourself and your guild at all times - your actions not only reflect upon yourself, but also upon the others within The Silver Guard.

Also along these lines, we ask for a general level of maturity and poise of our members, with a limit to profanity, leet-speak and netspeak in communications, whether inside guild chat, party chat, raid chat or open /say.

We do not tolerate insults, slurs or derogatory comments - and anything coming close to racial, religious or sexual harassment is grounds for serious repercussions and most likely expulsion from the guild.

With this said, we do encourage everyone to have fun and be relaxed. At times, we joke with one another - and this at times can result in someone overstepping these guidelines. On these occasions, please apologize immediately and move on. Discuss any ongoing issues in private with the involved parties, only seeking assistance from an officer or leader if resolution can not be made.

Game Behavior

We do not tolerate exploiting, griefing, intentional stealing (ninja looting) or the "farming" of in-game items or coin for sale outside of the game world (i.e. eBay sales).

All game and server related guidelines, rule-sets and agreements are upheld at all times.


Aside from the officers and leaders, there is no stated requirement that members must participate in guild-sponsored functions. Each can do as they please, joining us in our groups and events as they desire, or going onward on their own in the World of Warcraft. Some enjoy the interaction with others, and some wish to go their own way. We respect either of these play styles as long as the general code of conduct is followed.

It must be added, though, that participation with the guild is seriously encouraged and that promotions within our ranks are highly based on levels of participation and the helping of others.